BlackBerry 10.2 Will Updated to Z10 and Q10 In Mid-October

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Along with the announcement of a new BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry Z30, the BlackBerry also will share about their operating system, BlackBerry 10.2 to be introduced to the Z10 and Q10 by mid-October and later.

BlackBerry 10.2 allows users to see a preview on the lockscreen notifications, which were identical apart from BBM show notifications when the user is using another application, especially when playing games or watching videos.

Part of the same BlackBerry Hub also be improved with the ability Priority Hub, shows the key messages – depending on usage. Roughly, it works like Gmail Priority Inbox, but to also include support from various social networking sites and email address.

This update will be introduced in phases starting mid-October, and is said to depend on the telecommunication company.


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