BlackBerry Z30 Officially Launched In Malaysia

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After numerous rumors before, today the BlackBerry Malaysia has launched their latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Z30 which are introduced for the first time officially in the world. Malaysia became the first country in the world selected to launch this new smartphone.


BlackBerry Z30 brings sized 5-inch screen Super AMOLED, and comes with BlackBerry OS 10.2, includes some additional new functionality along with it. Support on BlackBerry Z30 camera also same improved, besides the included 2880mAh battery capacity, and also features a dual 1.7GHz processing chip terraces. BlackBerry Z30 joins include better audio support via the included stereo speakers along with it.

BlackBerry also improving fuel equally to support new video called Natural Sound, allowing users to enjoy better audio quality than phone calls and so on.

BlackBerry Launch in Malaysia demonstrate our Z30 is a key country for the BlackBerry. According to the BlackBerry, in Malaysia, it showed an increase of up to 300% a few years ago, making the launch of the BlackBerry Z30 in Malaysia.

The device is expected to be sold starting October later in Malaysia. In Malaysia, it will be priced at RM1998.


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