Maybe Valve Introduces “Steam Box” Next Week

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Valve already introduced a number of games for the Linux platform, besides which brings Steam to Linux. Now, take the stage at the LinuxCon, Gabe Newell shared the saying that the Linux and open source is the future for the world of gaming.

Gabe says the open source world share enables innovation occurs faster, and not have to rely on a system-specific things. He also gave an example, saying to update the iPad game, it can take up to six months to get the Apple confirmation before it is published to the user.

Interestingly, the event also, the share Valve say they will share more information regarding the anticipated crowd Steam Box, perhaps as early as next week. Steam Box can be said to be one more attempt to bring PC games to television, and from what it looks, maybe it’s based on Linux.

Until now, many popular games have been available for Linux, including Counter-Strike, Half-Life, DOTA 2, Life4Dead, and more. It said a total 198 games available for Linux, and that figure continues to increase from time to time.


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