Microsoft Announces Pricing Information For Windows 8.1

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win81-propackWindows 8.1 to be unveiled to the public on October 18 or later, and today Microsoft has also shared the pricing information for their new operating system is.

For the record, Windows 8.1 will be offered free of charge to existing users of Windows 8.

However, if you run Windows 7 or XP, and want to update to Windows 8.1, may be able to obtain, without the need to buy Windows 8 first.

Windows 8.1 will be priced at $ 119.99 while the PRO version will be offered at $ 199.99.

As you can see, the price is the same with Windows 8 before, and did not show any change.

If things remain the same for the local market, then Windows 8.1 would cost RM550, while the PRO version will be priced at RM880.


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