Nokia Reportedly Testing Lumia Devices Before Android In Microsoft Offers

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One of the things that is often asked by fans of Nokia is to be present with Android-based phones. According to the NYT report today, it said the Nokia testing Lumia devices on the Android platform before acquisitions by Microsoft.

In-house testing of a platform is not a new thing by device manufacturers, which give space to them if something else is needed planning. This point thus giving space for Nokia to switch platforms after the agreement with Microsoft expired at the end of 2014 soon.

However, it is not fully known whether this is leading to acquisitions by Microsoft.

For the record, the Windows Phone platform itself can be said to be popularized by Nokia, and if the Nokia abandon Windows Phone, then it will give a very high impact on Microsoft.

Whatever it is, it does not say what the current status of the Android project by Nokia. And always following the takeover by Microsoft completed early next year, the project will be finished.


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