Samsung Might Appear With Tizen-based television early as Year Ahead?

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Respect rumor Samsung and Tizen is not something new. In addition to present some pictures show the Galaxy S4 run Tizen 3.0, now it also said Samsung may be based Tizen television show next year.

Tizen is an open source operating platform which receives support a variety of big names including Intel and Samsung. The platform will also optimized for various devices, including the television.

However, until now, there is no device on the market that are sold widely, and many look forward to Tizen based smartphone from Samsung.

In terms of television, the Samsung can be said to use their own software for the time being, and perhaps with Tizen platform, it will facilitate the application and content developers to offer it on multiple platforms.

Whatever it is, equally what we anticipated to be announced by Samsung through the use of this Tizen platform soon.


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